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Mr. Hard Water Pool Tile Cleaning – Trash Can Hopper and Blast Kits

The Mr. Hard Water Blast Pool Tile Cleaning Kit is a complete cleaning system for any surface that can be cleaned with a zero degree nozzle. Able to accommodate many types of media, this kit is simple yet powerful. A sand stake can be inserted into the desired media. As the water is forced through the blast aperture via a pressure washer, sufficient suction is accomplished to draw through the media through the mixing valve.

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Car Wash Glass Partition Cleaning System by Mr Hard Water

The Mr Hard Water Car Wash Glass Partition Cleaning System removes soap, pre-treatment chemicals, and waxes from clear partition glass without the use of chemicals or acids. Once cleaning, a durable protective coating and sealant is applied to the glass to repel unwanted buildup making subsequent cleaning and maintenance much easier. This system is ideal for car wash owners needing to maintain their glass partitions.

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