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7″ Nylon Pad – Medium Stains

Nylon Polishing Pads: The Mr. Hard Water™ Nylon Cleaning Pad – 7″ Orbital is a re-useable hard water removal, cleaning, and

7″ Wool Polishing Bonnet

FEATURES: 7″ inch Hook & Loop Wool Pads works with any rotary polisher. The 100% wool pile consistent, professional results

7 3/4″ White Pad

White Polishing Pads:  Light Stains Not all white pads are created equal.  White pads come in different abrasive consistencies.  The

7″ Steel Wool Pad #2

APPLICATION: Stone only!  These pads are too abrasive for glass polishing. FEATURES: Steel wool polihing pads are used during the

Nylon Pad for the Knuckler

FEATURES: The Knuckler nylon pad is desinged to fit the Knuckler Scrub Block.  Nylon is ideal for all types of

Steel Pad

FEATURES: Hard water removal from glass has never been easier. The Knuckler™ Silver Pad fits the Knuckler™ scrubbing tool –

7″ Natural Hair Pad – Shower Door & Glass

Natural Hair Polishing Pads:  Shower Doors, Glass, and Car Wash Windows These pads are best used to remove topical layers

X-Tra Reach™ Combo

FEATURES: The Mr. Hard Water X-tra Reach™ Combo combines the X-tra Reach Tool and a Gold Pad –Pole.  It has

Backing Plate Kit

PRODUCT FEATURES: If you can’t do it by hand, then you need a power tool.  And you probably already have one. 

Steel Wool #2, Single Reel

FEATURES: Steel wool polishing pads are used during the polishing process to re-crystallize, brighten, and remove light scratches in marble,

Car Wash Polishing Pad ( 5 Pack )

Natural Hair Polishing Pads:  Car Wash Windows These pads are best used to remove topical layers of dirt, soap scum,