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Hard removal sometimes requires glass polishing, especially when calcium and silicates have adhered to the glass in the sunshine for a long time. Fortunately, with the right products and techniques, residential and commercial windows can be restored to near new quality, provided glass etching hasn’t occurred. This video offers cautions and tips associated with professional glass polishing when working from the bottom of the window to the top of the window. The technique changes when one reaches a line of sight that is no longer in the shade but is in the direct sunshine. Coatings also affect the technique. This is a must see instructional video for all glass professionals using polishing techniques to remove hard water.

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Caution & Tips 1

Hard water usually accumulates at the bottom of windows, but it occasionally be found higher up due to rampant sprinklers. Also, silicates my accumulate on the glass from stucco and other building materials surrounding the windows. Because windows (commercial and especially residential) may be fabricated with coatings such as anti-glare, reflective, etc., it is important to choose a polishing method (cleaner and polishing pads) that minimizes the risk of damaging these more sensitive and softer surfaces. This video describes the cautions and tips associated with windows located in the direct sunshine (which can show many glass defects) and those located higher up where viewing is more criticized.

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Benefits Risks and Waivers

Mr. Hard Water Pool Tile Cleaning – Trash Can Hopper and Blast Kits

The Mr. Hard Water Blast Pool Tile Cleaning Kit is a complete cleaning system for any surface that can be cleaned with a zero degree nozzle. Able to accommodate many types of media, this kit is simple yet powerful. A sand stake can be inserted into the desired media. As the water is forced through the blast aperture via a pressure washer, sufficient suction is accomplished to draw through the media through the mixing valve.

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