Dewalt 3835 – Part 2 Starting the Engine – Mr. Hard Water Wet Blasting

Mr. Hard Water Cleaning Supplies & Service sells sand blasting equipment, soda blasting equipment, and wet blasting equipment. The equipment accommodates a wide range of dry blast media – sand, salt, ARMEX and Natrium baking soda, Maxx Strip Kieserite, Abrasive Products & Equipment Kieserite Blast Media, Sodium Bicarbonate, and more.

The Mr. Hard Water universal design makes it applicable to pool tile cleaning professionals, maintenance professionals, marine yacht harbors, farm and tractor maintenance, general construction, home maintenance, and more. Wet blasting is the most effective technique for removing calcium stains on pool tile, ceramic tile, glass tile, stone and water features. By combining an eco-friendly abrasive blasting media with a high pressure water jet stream provided by a 4200 PSI / 4.0 GPM pressure washer, calcium can be safely removed from a variety of surfaces.

Mr. Hard Water sells induction heads and venturi heads that connect to the pressure washer, enabling the dry blast media to mix with the high pressure water jet stream. Mr. Hard Water accelerates the wet blasting process by using a Media Hopper as well as a Venturi Assist Carburetor which adds forced air into the dry abrasive media hose to facilitate a smoother transfer of the media from the hopper or bucket to the induction head. This video compares the DeWalt 3835 Pressure Washer and the Simpson 4200 Pressure Washer.

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