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Mr. Hard Water Pool Tile Cleaning – Trash Can Hopper and Blast Kits

The Mr. Hard Water Blast Pool Tile Cleaning Kit is a complete cleaning system for any surface that can be cleaned with a zero degree nozzle. Able to accommodate many types of media, this kit is simple yet powerful. A sand stake can be inserted into the desired media. As the water is forced through the blast aperture via a pressure washer, sufficient suction is accomplished to draw through the media through the mixing valve.
It’s easy to accommodate different pressure washers. The user can adjust the vacuum (suction power) created within the mixing valve by inserting one of four different sized nozzle jets inside valve body. This allows the user to optimize the performance of the suction power to the pressure washer’s output.
The Mr. Hard Water Trash Can Hopper™ is compact, light weight, and very cost effective. It eliminates the need for heavy and expensive air compressors while solving the media flow problems associated with bulky and expensive gravity fed hoppers. Use your pressure washer to clean, strip, and degrease pool tile,
How it works:
The media funnel™ and media carburetor™ work together to create a strong push — pull suction on the media which is lifted out of the trash can hopper™ and into the media hose where it is mixed with the pressure washer’s jet stream. The venturi driven brass lance attachment pulls the media from the bucket while the ShopVac blower drives air into the media carburetor. The result is an air / media mixture that is blown up and into the sand stake and media hose. This push –pull suction creates a powerful, smooth, and controllable flow of media into the pressure washer’s jet stream allowing the user to clean, strip, and degrease pool tile, fountains, concrete, stone, and other surfaces.
NOTE: Pressure Washer (3800psi/3.5GPM minimum) and Vacuum/Blower are not included.
Universal Minerals MaxxStrip PT2 – (bad stains)
Universal Minerals MaxxStrip PF2 – (medium stains)
Armex and Natrium Baking Soda
Walnut Shells
Keiserite Glass Bead
MEDIA DISTRIBUTORS: Professionals can use their Pool Tile Cleaning License to buy the media from local suppliers. Home owners generally need a contractors license to buy from local suppliers. This can restrict their access to the media. Mr. Hard Water does sell to home owners. However, shipping costs apply to all media sales.

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