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Mr Hard Water Variable Speed Polisher

The Mr Hard Water Variable Speed Polisher with 5″ Hook and Loop Backer Pad Adaptor is hook & loop and

Pro Sealer Tile

FEATURES: Protect against water stains! Ideal for kitchen, bath, grout, tile, and outdoor stone. Repels water and oil based stains

Polish Pro Crystallizer

STONE PRO – POLISH PRO CRYSTALLIZER FEATURES: Crystallization is the professional’s first choice for stone maintenance. By simply polishing with

Diamond Renew – Marble Polish Powder

FEATURES: Add color, restor factory shine, and remove light scratches and traffic wear patterns with this super fine diamond abrasive

7″ Steel Wool Pad #2

7″ Steel Wool Pad #2 APPLICATION: Stone only! These pads are too abrasive for glass polishing. FEATURES: Steel wool polishing

7″ Natural Hair Pad – Shower Door & Glass

Natural Hair Polishing Pads: Shower Doors, Glass, and Car Wash Windows These pads are best used to remove topical layers

Backing Plate Kit

PRODUCT FEATURES: If you can’t do it by hand, then you need a power tool. And you probably already have

Quick Clean Grout & Stone

FEATURES: Efflorescence, mineral deposits, hard water stains, and salts can be effectively removed from granite, porcelain, ceramic masonry, tile grout,

Deep Clean Grout & Marble

FEATURES: Food grease, fats, and heavy dirt can adhere to your stone surface as well as grout. Stone Pro’s Deep

Crystal Clean Daily Stone

FEATURES: Household cleaners dull stone and degrade sealers! Keep your stone bright and clean with Stone Pro Crystal Clean Daily

Pro Sealer Marble – Qt

FEATURES: Protect against water stains! Ideal for kitchen, bath, grout, tile, and outdoor stone.  Repels water and oil based staines from