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Drill Max – Shower Door & Window

Already have a polisher or a drill? Looking for a quick solution to your hard water problems? This kit modifies

Nylon Pad for the Knuckler

FEATURES: The Knuckler nylon pad is desinged to fit the Knuckler Scrub Block. Nylon is ideal for all types of

Steel Pad

FEATURES: Hard water removal from glass has never been easier. The Knuckler Silver Pad fits the Knuckler scrubbing tool –

Knuckler – Steel Combo (4pk)

FEATURES: The Mr. Hard Water Knuckler Combo is a complete hard water scrub tool for glass, windshields, tile, metal and

Knuckler – Nylon Combo (4pk)

FEATURES: The Knuckler Nylon Combo combine the Knuckler Scrub Block and a nylon pad to create the ideal window cleaning

Drill Adapter For Backing Plate

PRODUCT FEATURES: The 5/8″ cordless drill adapter enables polishing, cleaning, and hard water removal from shower doors, windows, and windshields.

Knuckler Hand Tool

FEATURES: The Mr. Hard Water Knuckler Hand Scrubbing Tool is a re-useable, durable, tough scrubbing block that saves your knuckles