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Blast Head Combo 3

The Mr. Hard Water Blast Head Combo 3 combines two gun assemblies ( zero degree and 15 degree) with one

15 Degree Blast Gun

Mr Hard Water 15 Degree Blast Gun The Mr. Hard Water Blast Gun – 15 Degree is a complete cleaning

0 Degree Blast Gun

Mr Hard Water 0 Degree Blast Gun The Mr Hard Water Blast Gun – 0 Degree is a complete cleaning

Yellow Gun Box – with Handle and Shoulder Strap

Product Description: The Mr. Hard Water Yellow Gun Box is designed to protect your wet blasting guns during transportation and

Blast Kit 3 – Spray Gun Accessory Kit

Package Contains Spray Gun – Standard Lance – 36″ Lance – 18″ Lance Extension Coupling Side Handle C Hook for

Belt Kit Support for Telescopic Wands or Extension Poles

FEATURES: Looking to reduce the strain of holding an extension pole or telescopic wand for extended periods of time? Relieve

Lance Aluminum Non Molded

Lightweight Aluminum Lance series has got you covered when it comes to diverse cleaning applications. These durable yet light lances

Side Handle

Side Handle allows a perpendicular control point for your lance. The side handle and nut will work on any 1/4″